Important information for customers from the EU

Please note that the Principality of Liechtenstein is not a member of the EU. For this reason, the following points must be observed:

TVA – Value Added Tax

Our prices are exclusive of VAT and will be shipped as such. I.e. concretely, you have to pay the value added tax (TVA) when importing into your country (an EU country). You can reclaim these taxes from your state.

Customs clearance – EORI number required

All companies need a so-called EORI number (Economic Operator’s Registration and Identification) to import from non-EU countries. This number is used for your identification as well as for the automated customs clearance, i.e. for the import into your country (an EU country).

The respective national issuing office of the EORI number can be found on the website of the European Union. In Germany and Austria, the EORI number is assigned by customs.

Neutral Density Filters

A thin metal layer is deposited under high vacuum on a substrate of optically polished glass or quartz in such a way that part of the incident light is transmitted, part is reflected and the rest is absorbed by the metal layer.

By specific modification of the evaporation parameters, ND-filters with different transmission values are created.

The ND- filters are classified on the basis of the transmission or the optical density of the filter.


  • Photometer
  • Detectors
  • Cameras


  • High thermal load capacity
  • Dense layers, tropicalized
  • Extremely long service life

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