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Dielectric Mirrors

Compared to metal mirrors, dielectric interference mirrors are spectrally less wide and their reflection is angle-dependent. However, they can achieve reflection values in the visible range of more than 99.9% at a vertical angle of incidence.

This is possible because optically high-quality, low-loss interference layer systems are manufactured from pure, absorption-free materials using state-of-the-art coating technology under clean room conditions.


  • Highly reflective and semi-transparent reflectors for the optimal setup of various laser systems
  • Components for laser experiments in chemistry, physics and metrology
  • Various lighting equipment
  • Optic devices


  • Suitable for wide wavelength ranges from 220 – 3’000 nm
  • Suitable for high laser power
  • Suitable for angles of incidence from 0° to 45
  • High thermal resistance (up to 550°C with quartz glass or sapphire substrates)
  • Long-term stable layers, independent of environmental influences
  • Extremely durable layers

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