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Development of optical systems, assemblies and devices

In cooperation with our long-term partners we can offer the development and production of modules and complete analytical instruments for biotechnology and medical diagnostics.

Combined with our expertise in fluorescence filters, which is an important basis for fluorescence detection technology, we have system knowledge for 2-dimsensional fluorescence detection.

Our know-how is based on more than 20 years of experience in the realization of detection units for bio-chips and complete systems for molecular diagnostics.

In addition to the development of concepts and designs for DNA sample preparation systems, we have extensive experience in the development and realization of several generations of real-time PCR systems. Besides the sample flow, we were able to develop and realize concepts for data integrity (PSID) between the modules and the LIMS system.

In real-time PCR cyclers, the precise temperature control of the reaction vessels plays an important role in addition to the highly sensitive detection of fluorophores. Also in this area we can offer you the development and production of high-precision rapid temperature systems.

High-precision real-time cycler:

  • 24 or 96 samples
  • 50 cycles < 30 min.
  • 6 channels

In addition to high-precision temperature control technology, our most important core competence is the development and production of 2D fluorescence detection units for biotechnological applications and in-vitro diagnostic systems.

During the realization of several generations of devices we have learned to optimize the illumination and detection system and their optical arrangement in such a way that in addition to a maximum signal the background is minimized.

At the same time, we have mastered the optimization of fluorescence filters with respect to a minimum spectral crosstalk caused by the spectral bandwidth of dyes.

6-channel fluorescence system for a Reatime PCR cycler:

  • Up to 6 channels
  • Filter systems optimized for customized dyes
  • Areas up to 10×12 cm²
  • Detection limits less than 0.1nM
  • S/N greater than 1000 @ 100nM Fluorescein
  • Long-term stability of the signal < 0.3%

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