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Fluorescence Filters

For fluorescence-optical investigations, special filters are required which spectrally separate the absorption range from the emission range of the respective fluorescent dye in a clean way.

An excitation filter therefore only allows the wavelengths used to excite the dye to pass and blocks the emission wavelength range as completely as possible.

The opposite is achieved by the observation filter. The spectral separation is achieved in both cases by very steep edges and an extraordinarily high blocking.


  • Flow cytometry
  • Drug development
  • Gene analysis
  • Other fluorescence-based measuring devices


  • Highest transmission
  • Excellent blocking
  • No autofluorescence
  • Very steep edges
  • High signal to noise ratio: S/N > 100’000 : 1
  • Very hard, abrasion-free, environmentally stable layers
  • Low thermal displacement: < 0.0015 nm/K
  • Excellent long-term stability

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